Excerpt for Breaking Boundaries

“How would you feel if every man you’re attracted to wants to see your breasts before you go out on a date, Kathleen?”
She flinched inwardly. “Embarrassed, insulted.” And a little less than what she was.
“Every time I’ve asked a woman out since losing my leg—it’s felt like that. They’re wondering what’s beneath my clothes, and not in a good way. It becomes more about the limitations than the possibilities. Eventually I just quit asking.”
“But you asked me.”
“I probably sounded like an idiot on the phone.”
“If you’d sounded like an idiot, I wouldn’t have said yes.” She tightened her arms around him this time.
“Then there’s the getting up close and personal part of dating. Eventually if you get close enough you’re expected to get naked, want to get naked, and that opens up a whole different closet full of junk to sort through.”
She ran a caressing hand over his chest. “You’re naked with me, Cal.”
“Yeah.” His smile turned into a very pleased grin. “I noticed.” His hand caressed her bare leg from knee to thigh and traced the curve of her hip.
“You didn’t seem to have to sort through anything while we made love.”
“You weren’t focused on my leg, not even when I had to take my prosthetic off.”
Watching him do that had given her another jolt of grief and pain, and her desire had taken a stumble, until she’d seen how aroused he was, and her feelings had shifted to what he needed and more.
She wasn’t ready to think about it yet, and things had gotten entirely too serious. “I was focused on your magic wand.”
Cal threw back his head and laughed. “My magic wand? I’ve heard it called a number of things, Kathleen, but never that.”
“What about Mr. Feel Good?”
“That’s better.”
“Love muscle?”
“Have you been watching porn?”
“No. I’ve never watched porn. Why watch when you can do?”
“Aww, honey,” he sighed. “With that kind of attitude, and the rest of the package, you’re every man’s dream woman.”
“Excellent thing to say, Callahan, but I think one man is enough. I do draw the line there.”
He slid down beneath the covers, taking her with him. “I’m glad to hear it.” The way he looked at her as he ran a thumb along her cheekbone was enough to jumpstart her heart into a sprint and cause other parts of her body to tingle with anticipation. She propped her knee on his hip and pressed as close to him as possible. His bare skin brushing hers quickened the feelings. The promise of more rested against her thigh, so close to where she wanted it, she had to bite back a groan.
He kissed her, slowly, thoroughly, and with such tenderness and passion she felt it from the top of her head to the bottoms of her feet. She ran her hand up his back, then back down to the base of his spine urging him closer.
He raised his head. “What did you do with that box of condoms, Kathleen?”
Her mind completely blank, she glanced around the room before she spotted them on the chest of drawers across the room. “I’ll get them.”
She wiggled out from beneath him, tugging the tail of the shirt down over her butt.
“I’m looking forward to seeing you walk away from me in your thong, then coming right back to take it off again.”
She grabbed the box of condoms, then paused to study him. All those women who’d made him feel uncomfortable were fools. She’d never had a man tell her his fantasies. When he did, he made her feel sexy and beautiful.
“I can do that now.” She knew men liked her breasts. She was more uncertain about other parts of her body. “Or…” She shrugged the shirt off first one shoulder, then the other, but caught it before it fell. Clutching the fabric so it rested just over her nipples, she turned to face him. She folded her arms and pushed her breasts together, giving him a show of cleavage. The shirt camouflaged all the areas she was less confident about, and showcased the rest. With an exaggerated sway of her hips, she sauntered back to the bed.
From five feet away, she easily read the hawk-like intensity of Cal’s reaction. Her legs grew weak and she shivered with anticipation. Reaching him, she dropped the box of condoms on the bed.
He ran his fingers up the back of her leg, and the small caress ignited nerves, carrying the sensation on to more intimate places. “From the moment we first met I thought you looked like a movie star from back in the fifties.”
“Which one?” she asked, her voice losing its strength so it came out a whisper.
“Ava Gardner.”
“She was beautiful, Callahan.”
“Yeah. So’s the woman standing right here in front of me.” His voice was husky as he raised the sheet and said, “Come back to bed, Kathleen.”
She dropped the shirt on her way in.